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The metastatic colorectal cancer: patient first

The metastatic colorectal cancer: patient first

Milano 6-7 marzo 2015

Direttori: Stefano Cascinu, Roberto Labianca.
Patients’ well being is the result of a patient-centered therapeutic approach that takes into consideration patients’ needs and expectations, beyond clinical data. The meeting will open with a specific session dedicated to the approach to the patient and to the importance of communication about clinical benefits and therapeutic choices. This session aims to offer the oncologists cause for reflection on how the current knowledge influences metastatic colorectal cancer patients’ management. Another topic the Meeting will deal with is the importance of the multidisciplinary team. This topic will be analyzed through the parallelism with an orchestra in which the leader has to coordinate, organize and suggest the best solutions to his team, aiming to patients’ well being. Furthermore, an updated overview will be dedicated to metastatic colorectal cancer treatments with the participation of the most important national and international key opinion leaders in the following areas: Molecular characterization of the disease, Surgical approach, Therapeutic approach.
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